Kelly Brook is getting married

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From British Glamour: Kelly Brook says she can’t wait to tie the knot with fiance Billy Zane and will even invite ex-boyfriend Jason Stratham along for the big day. “We are not getting married in this country,” the busty brunette tells the Daily Mirror. “It’ll be a small, private ceremony for our families and close friends in the Med somewhere, maybe Greece. We haven’t set a date yet.”

Kelly Brook and Billy Zane must have started dating about 5 minutes ago, cause this is the first I’ve heard of it. But even with that, it makes perfect sense that Zane is trying to rush her off to the alter. Anytime a dude is trying to get married to a girl right away, it’s not cause he’s giddy in love and his heart is filled with rainbows, it’s cause he knows that the girl is way out of his league and he can only keep tricking her for so long. Cops freak out if you keep girls in a well in your basement, so marriage is the next best trap. Kelly Brook may be no genius, but it’s going to dawn on her at some point that she’s one of the hottest pieces of ass on the planet and he’s a guy with so much charisma that no one has any idea who he is, even though he starred in the most popular movie the world has ever seen.