Scarface is a video game

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Vivendi Universal Games has announced it has reached a deal with Al Pacino to reprise his legendary role as drugged-out coke dealer Tony Montana in a videogame version of Brian De Palmas knockout 1983 gangster flick, Scarface.

I don’t really play video games – I’d much rather be outside with a football. Or a girl. Or a football and a girl – but this one is probably gonna be a pretty big deal. Although mostly with rappers and aspiring school yard assassins, so anyone who buys it should be arrested immediately. Just thinking about this movie makes me long for old-timey crime, like when people were a master of disguise or they would spend a week to tunnel into a bank. Now they just storm into a convenience store at noon and execute everyone is sight. The old stuff seems kinda charming when you think about it.