Brandon Routh is Superman

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Hey, Bryan Singer, any chance you could ratchet back the gayness a tad on the new Superman. That would really be great. I realize this is in line with the “classic” look, but that came about when action movies hadn’t really advanced past the ‘bonk’. Superman should look like he’s about to kick ass, not strip at a secretary’s birthday party. I don’t really know what he should be wearing instead, but if I were in a burning building and someone showed up in this, even if they flew in carrying a fire truck, it would still take me a minute to know if I was being rescued or seduced. God forbid he had to carry me somewhere dressed like this. I’d be there in his arms, my body completely rigid, straight as a board, trying not to make eye contact and making awkward conversation. “So, umm, you think the Saints might finally draft a corner this year.”

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