Paris Hilton wants a baby

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From Star : Paris Hilton … has been talking babies with her new beau, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis! “[Hilton] is crazy about him and says she’s sure he’s the one,” someone close to the hotel heiress tells a source. “She says she wants his baby and that he’s so good-looking that she just knows they’d have beautiful kids.”

Thanks to a weak gag-reflex, it took me like an hour to even read this story, but I think I got the gist of it : Paris is a whore who wants attention. Based on med school classes I never took, I would have thought the Jenga of STD’s that somehow keep her body upright should prevent her from having even recreational sex, so to think of her having sex with the sinister purpose of reproducing is pretty hard to stomach. Luckily there’s no chance of this happening, since I’m pretty sure freedom-fighters from the future would send a robot to kill her first.