Jamie Foxx is not influential

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From IMDB : Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has arrived on Time magazine’s list of the world’s most influential people, alongside President George Bush … hailing from 31 different countries, and including rappers, designers, world leaders and a tsunami survivor, the listed newsmakers have shaped the world in some way, according to the magazine’s editors.

This quote from Trey Parker of South Park has been on here before, but if I put it up again now it will be appropriate and look like I’ve done something:

People wonder why we rip on celebrities, when all around there are pages of shit glorifying celebrities like Winona Ryder. And celebrities view themselves as the fucking Mozarts of their time. Even fucking Ray Ramono thinks he’s an enlightened individual. These people all think they’re enlightened artists and therefore speak for the country. But I haven’t met one celebrity who wasn’t a little bit fucked up. Actors and actresses are the worst, because they’re just fucking monkeys. Half the people in this country could do what they do but for some reason they think their opinion matters.”

Lists like this are the height of pretension. They’re never what they should be, instead they just become random quirky picks so the editor can seem enlightened and thought provoking. Oprah will probably use the list to roll it up and swat her housekeeper for not folding her giant underwear in that extra fancy way. There are some really good actors in film, but lets be perfectly clear, film acting is not real acting. Theatre is real acting. A film set is such a structured sterile environment, actors talk, they don’t act. And most of them don’t even do that very well. Jamie Foxx seems like a decent enough guy and he’s always good in his movies, but unless he invented a love-powered car that I didn’t hear about, pretending to be Ray Charles hardly makes him influential.


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