Sin City scene you won’t see

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Sin City opens today and while you will see film nerds pretending that they’ve always been big fans of the comic book, what you wont see is Carla Gugino’s enormous rack. Because her topless scene was edited out. Despite the fact that a government study proved that people love Carla Gugino’s enormous rack. I don’t really know what the hell I’m talking about right now, but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that it’s brilliant.

Carla has kinda become the new Jennifer Connelly. A surprisingly good actress who can’t get a job unless she takes her top off. Which is somehow okay and legal if you work in Hollywood. Oh, sure, but I make all the co-ed interns here wear a thong and roller skates and suddenly I’m a sexy sexist bastard.

Anyway, these stills are very obviously NSFW.

update – so it appears that the scenes posted above are still in the movie and have not been cut at all. I profoundly apologize for my betrayal … I’m so sorry. I just feel like I have to act cool sometimes and exaggerate and even lie cause I want you guys to like me. I just want … I just … *runs away sobbing…*