Project Greenlight is back

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If anyone wants a masters course on why most movies suck, all you have to do is watch the third season of Project Greenlight, this year on Bravo. Marvel as smart people knowingly choose a script they don’t like and a director they seem to hate and then look amazed as things go badly.

This is exactly how movies like ‘XXX 2’ happen. And it’s why ‘XXX 2’ currently has two different names on the QuickTime home page, as the studio scrambles to put a pretty veneer on a obvious train wreck of a movie. ‘State of the Union’ is a script that’s been floating around for a few years and it was finally mangled to become the ‘XXX’ sequel, much like how a script called ‘Simon Says’ was re-written to become ‘Die Hard 3’. Of course none of that explains to me how Ice Cube could be the new XXX. Keep in mind, XXX isn’t a title like 007. There’s no XXW or XXZ. It was XXX cause Diesel had XXX tatted on his fuckin neck. Apparently the producers didn’t bother to watch that movie either. But all I care about is that me writing XXX a thousand times is gonna help our placement on Google. XXX.

Just for the record, I don’t think the script for ‘Feast’ is as bad as Matt and Ben seem to. But if I were that damn smart, I would have sold a screenplay by now. You can read it here and decide for yourself.

Oh, and no one asked, but it took me about 15 seconds to know I was gonna hate the first XXX. I find it unlikely that a US Senator would have a bumper sticker on a $60,000 Vette. Much less one about skateboarding.