Angelina Jolie is down for anything

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Sky News reports that Jolie confesses to sleeping with women, multiple partners, and sex with friends.

And this is why I love Angelina. No matter what you might bring up in bed, no matter what depraved deviant thing you heard they did in a German porn one time, she’d almost certainly be up for it. Another girl? Sure! Pop-Rocks? Check! Sex on the dance floor at my high school reunion? You got it! Enthusiasm is the sexiest thing in the world, and even though Jennifer Love Hewitt is maybe kinda just as good looking, I gotta imagine sex with her wouldn’t be that great. Comments like, “What are you doing,” “You’re on my hair,” and “Eww, gross, it’s all over me” aren’t the aphrodisiac you might think.

And keep in mind that Jessica Alba feels the same way about one night stands and sex with other girls. And she and Angelina are probably at the same clubs some times. And having a few drinks. And then their eyes meet from across the room. Subtle at first, but with more passion and longing at every glance. Suddenly dizzy, was it the champagne or the look in her eyes, it was hard to tell by now, but one thing was certain : this night was going to be like no other, and come morning, nothing would ever be the same.