Burnout Paradise Remaster Racing to Consoles Next Week

Burnout Paradise came out a full decade ago in 2008 and rumors of a re-release have been proven true now that it’s confirmed to be racing back to shelves this year with its own HD remaster, and is racing out this March 16!

Burnout Paradise Remastered will be coming to stores with a starting price of $39.99 and it will be playable on the PS4 and the Xbox One. It will be developed primarily by Criterion Games. To sweeten the deal, almost every single piece of DLC ever released for the open world racing game will be bundled in with the game. The sole exception is the Time Savers Pack, which unlocked everything from the start. Because of this, players will need to unlock everything on their own, but it will all be there and ready to roll without any additional purchases being necessary.


This remaster will support 60fps gameplay across the board and it will feature eight-player online multiplayer, just like the original did. It will be coming to consoles physically and digitally first, but apparently a Windows PC version is being planned for later. It will be available from the Origin store only, which is understandable given it’s being published by EA.

Unfortunately, no Nintendo Switch version has been announced and it looks unlikely that Nintendo fans will be getting a port any time soon. The official statement from a representative of EA is that “we have nothing to announce there.” Kind of a bummer, but also not a rarity for Nintendo loyalists.

What does this multiplatform release mean for fans of the Burnout series? Potentially a lot. Back in 2008, it seemed that the Burnout series had been burned out. Paradise was the last major game in the series to be released, with only a single mobile game being added to the series in 2010. Since then, it’s been eight years of car radio silence — until now. This remaster of Paradise has the potential to breathe new life back into the series and if it’s successful it could mean that entirely new Burnout games will be coming to consoles next.

Regardless of whether or not this happens, the Paradise remaster is still cool. Running the game on 4K can only make it feel better than it originally did and it already felt good to begin with.


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