My PlayStation Announced: A Browser Version of Your PSN

Photo: paule858 (Getty Images)

Sony just announced their newest service called My PlayStation. It’s basically an extension of your PSN (PlayStation Network) account that you can edit from your browser on pretty much any device you’d like. You don’t have to be on your console now to find new friends, check out their PS trophies, add new ones, or edit your profile. Sony has announced new features soon and they seem to be closer and closer to the social network giants like Facebook. We’ll have to wait and see what other changes they’ll be making in the future but there’s no doubt that their aim is to bring the gamer community together.

Now, you might ask yourself – what’s the point of My PlayStation when all of its features are already in the PlayStation app? There’s really no difference between the two except that My PlayStation saves you the trouble of downloading the app. Besides, this browser version is accessible from any device, which means you can use both PC and Mac without having to download two different apps. Interestingly though, it works with Windows 10 and above, so if you’re an old-school gamer who still won’t give up his Windows 7 (or XP for those hardcore fans) you might not be able to use it.

How to Access My PlayStation?

Sony described three main ways you can get on this social network via your browser. You can either go to and select the My PlayStation on the top right (next to the sign in button) or sign in to your account on the website first and then click on your profile image on the right. Once you select your name from the drop-down menu, it will take you there. The third way is the simplest – just go to and that’s it.

Future Improvement Suggestions

As soon as this news was announced, PS users started leaving their suggestions in the comments. Apparently, one of the biggest flaws that this platform has despite the change, is not being able to change your name or put the alias you want which is quite important in a gaming community. Others complain about additional Captcha tests they’ll need to do in order to access it and state the app as a much better choice. Among the features they’d like included is: a tracker that would display time spent in a game, more efficient trophy comparing with friends, and generally more notifications about their friends’ activities. We have yet to see whether Sony will fulfill their demands in the future.

What features would you like to see on My PlayStation?