True Love Means Riding Together On The Back Of A Train Going 75mph

Photo: den-belitsky (Getty)

Remember when couples used to go out to dinner and a movie? Ah yes, the good old days of normal dating. But these days it seems like dates consist of risking your life by hopping on the back of a moving train. Well, at least that’s what a couple in Belarus did.

A 19-year-old guy named Alexander Ivanov, and his 18-year-old girlfriend, Lilia Semenihina, decided that they would go on, what Alexander called, a “romantic adventure.” And what was that adventure? Well, it was just getting on the back of a train and holding on for dear life as the train went 75mph. So romantic. And if that doesn’t annoy you enough, the couple also had a selfie stick.

Check out the video below:

Oh boy.

Here’s what Alexander had to say:

“It was a really romantic adventure for us. We are both interested in extreme sports and decided to train surf together. The train can get up to speeds of 75mph as it is an intercity train. We do want to push our love to the limits. There are loads of buildings and towers we’d love to climb together, as well as more trains to ride.”

Well one thing is for certain: they are perfect for each other. And yet, is anyone surprised by this? We are in the age of video views, so people continue to risk their lives to reel in those views and those few minutes of fame. And yet sometimes it can be fatal.

h/t Mirror

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