Room Service Is Coming: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Hotel Now Open In Finland

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The idea of getting to visit your favorite media universe brought to life has always been the driving force behind amusement parks, with places like Disneyland thriving on consumers’ love for all things Disney while Universal Studios has recently seen a boost to their already large customer base thanks to the recent opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, in which fans can experience shops in Diagon Alley from the novels and enter two universe-immersive rides.

Not only does the United Kingdom has a leg up on us here in America in having an unofficial Harry Potter hotel for guests to stay in that also carries connections to the Universal theme park out there, but now Finland has a leg up on the states for another major fan-favorite franchise: Game of Thrones.

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Cable network HBO Nordic and Lapland Hotels SnowVillage partnered up to develop a 24-room resort in Lapland, Finland, inspired completely by the mythical kingdom Westeros from the long-running novel and television series, however only 10 of the rooms are designed for suites from guests.

Crafted by a team of professional ice sculptors from around the globe, the resort features designs from various parts of the franchise, including the Hall of Faces and a large White Walker carving complete with blue eyes.

There are a few catches for Thronies who are looking forward to living in the hotel, a la Zack and Cody.

Firstly, the hotel only allows guests to rent rooms for one night, as the rooms are kept at 23 degrees Fahrenheit in order to preserve the ice structures.

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Secondly, the hotel will only remain open until April 30, 2018, as the summer weather will take a toll on the hotel, resulting in a melting ice castle similar to Die Another Day. (P.S. For those still suffering PTSD from Pierce Brosnan’s worst effort as James Bond, I apologize for the reference, it was just the most obvious to make).

Thirdly, with only 10 rooms available for guests and customers booking them fast, many fans will have to cough up the $200 room fee fast or else miss their opportunity to camp in a thermal sleeping bag in the beloved Snow Village.

Now, before you go crying harder than when [insert one of the hundreds of dead characters] was killed, there is a glimmer of hope for the fans. Despite the hotel only featuring 10 rooms for fans to stay in, the resort offers people a chance to check out the designs with a $17 entry cost and a $78 guided tour.

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Would you travel to Finland for a “Game of Thrones” hotel?

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