Bruce Lee With Lightsaber Nunchucks Is The Most Powerful Being In All Universes

Photo: Warner Bros. (Getty).

The legend of Bruce Lee is one of the most — if not the most — talked about in all of martial arts. His style and technique paired with popularity have produced endless acclaim and largely recognized him as the father of modern mixed martial arts.

Lee’s awesomeness makes us geek out when we see rare footage of him sparring, and it inspires others to mirror him, like this 7-year-old who can probably kick all of our asses. There’s very little that can make Bruce Lee cooler than what his well-documented history has done — that is, until someone gave him nunchuck lightsabers.

Bruce Lee With Lightsaber Nunchucks Beats Everything Ever

YouTuber Patrick Nun blessed us with updated footage of Lee’s film Fist of Fury and gave the greatest martial artist of all time some lightsaber nunchucks. Damn… this shit is bonkers.

Lee’s nunchuck technique was a marvel to watch before, but watching it reimagined as lightsabers pretty much guarantees he’d be the most powerful being in the Star Wars universe. Hell, he’d be the boss in all universes, let alone one with laser swords and space wizards.

According to this video’s description, Nan said he came across an image of Lee holding nunchuck lightsabers (lightchucks?) from an artist named ameeeeba, and decided to play around with putting them into a clip. His recreation spawned this incredible video and now I need a cigarette to calm down.

h/t Hollywood Reporter

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