10 Horrid Holiday Movies You’ll Watch (Alone) Against Your Own Will To Avoid Your Family

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What is it about the holidays that makes us watch awful Christmas movies? And yet, despite doing so against your own will, you’ll likely be doing so alone just to avoid the family.

If you’re like me and have a family that loves to rent the same terrible Christmas movies (A Bad Moms Christmas), especially your brother who just can’t get enough of making you sit through holiday in-law horror stories and seasonal rom-coms, then I feel your holly, jolly pain. Maybe this year will be different, but it won’t.

We trust you’ll watch close to a dozen holiday films over the break, if you’re avoiding family drama as much as we are, considering Netflix has more than 30 new Christmas titles, including Tim Allen’s latest mistake, El Camino Christmas. While the movies herein range from the terrible likes of Tim Allen’s earliest mistakes (his movies, not the real-life drug trafficking) to the absolutely unnecessary religious comedies (that’s a thing?) like Kirk Cameron’s 2014 abortion, we have a little bit of all the movies you’ll watch just to avoid your family.

And if they decide to join you, it’s the perfect time for a holiday Hot Toddy and a long drunken nap.

10 Horrid Holiday Movies You’ll Watch (Alone) Against Your Own Will to Avoid Your Family

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