Flare Explodes In Guy’s Hand After It’s Left In Recycling Bin

Photo: We all live under the same sky! (Getty)

Here’s some advice from me to you once again: flares aren’t for recycling, so please dispose of them properly. If not, some guy may lose a couple of fingers.

Video below shows a waste worker going through some trash at a plant in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. All is well until he comes across a flare, decides to pick it up and then quickly realizes what a mistake that truly was.

Check out what happened next below. The action kicks off about 15 seconds in.

That incident was enough for all the workers to be immediately evacuated from the plant. And guess what? Another flare was found among all the other trash. The recycling plant Amey decided to release the footage of this poor worker in hopes that people will dispose their trash the right way. Here’s what Amey’s Chris Smiles had to say:

“At Waterbeach we deal with a range of waste for local authorities and businesses, which includes items which have been put out for curbside recycling. The marine flare came through with aluminum recycling but exploded in the hands of one of our employees when it reached our manual sorting area. Thankfully he was protected by his work clothing and was uninjured, but the consequences could have been much worse.”

So while we’re in the holiday season and everyone is getting drunk and celebrating, please don’t throw lit flares or any type of flares in the trash.

h/t The LADbible

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