Thomas The Tank Engine Gets AND1 Mixtape Treatment In High-Flying Stunt Video

Photo: Edmond Terakopian – PA Images (Getty).

Be warned: one of the following videos doesn’t feature your child’s Thomas the Tank Engine and should be considered NSFW (although if you mute it, it’s the same as the first version and therefore just fine).

If you’ve never understood the appeal of train sets, especially those owned by grown men such as Reverend Lovejoy, then perhaps that headline does nothing for you. But this isn’t your usual train set (or maybe it is, what the hell do I know about these things?). The point is that once this video from 5MadMovieMakers gets rolling — pun intended — you’re going to be too memorized to shut it off.

Stunt Video Of Thomas The Train Jumps Is Legendary

That was fun, wasn’t it? Still, it’s not without it’s charm. You’d be surprised what something as simple as changing up the track — pun intended again — can do to a stunt video. ALL ABOARD for the RadioBren remix.

Warning: this is where the NSFW portion kicks into high gear…or, you know, whatever trains do to amp it up:

OK, if that didn’t get a rise out of you, then… well, then we’re simply out of puns.

If you thought those jumps were scary, this scene from Thomas & Friends is absolutely terrifying.