‘Tis The Season For Random ‘Home Alone’ Easter Eggs 25+ Years Late

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Right out of the gate, yes, we fully embrace the irony of referring to secrets in Christmas movies as “Easter eggs.” But that’s beside the point, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for making us feel self-conscious about our headline choices.

That out of the way, it’s that time of year when Home Alone fan theories start to recirculate yet again, with at least one fresh example getting added to the list with each passing holiday season.

Sure enough, this year, we’ve already been blessed with two; one of which eagle-eyed viewers caught decades ago, and another only serviceable if you are a big fan of the sitcom Friends (and we know from the numerous pieces we’ve posted over time that you are).

Random ‘Home Alone’ Easter Eggs Are Still Being Pointed Out 25+ Years Later

The first “new” discovery comes from (where else?) Reddit, where user bobcobble points out the answer to a mystery you likely never even thought to pursue: what the eff happened to Kevin McCallister’s plane ticket? It turns out that all the commotion at dinner was the reason his reservation was accidentally thrown in the trash by his father. And all the evidence you need is right here in one handy GIF:

home alone easter egg

Last, but certainly not least (or less elaborate), the good folks at 22 Vision appear to have 20/20 vision for sneaky references to ’90s movies in early ’00s television series. Even if the reference is so bizarre that it’s practically nonsensical:

Granted, they technically point this out last Christmas, but who was paying attention on a day meant to stuff your face and open presents? Besides, the fact that one house is supposedly in Chicago while the other resides in NYC proves this discovery is a blunder and nothing more.

We already can’t wait until next Christmas when someone points out another small detail you’d only pick up on by watching Home Alone frame-by-frame whilst home alone themselves during a very lonely holiday break.

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