Bondi Hipsters Return With A New Music Video About Portland

The US city of Portland have created a new destination marketing campaign with the Bondi Hipsters at its centre.

Christiaan Van Vuren and Nick Boshier feature in a brand new music video marketing the city, with the boys showing off all the hipster things there are to do in Portland.

The clip follows the Bondi Hipsters after they declare they’ve done everything there is to do in Bondi, as they brew craft beer, start a restaurant, sell vintage up-cycled ethical toasters, sew sweaters from belly button lindt, start a fashion label and more.

“Portland as a destination is anything but traditional,” said Travel Portland’s Ajay Date in a statement (via Bandt).

“So, we want to tell our story in a way that really stands out for potential travellers.  The Bondi Hipsters are the perfect partners to get the message across in an entertaining way.  We hope travellers will come away with a better understanding of Portland without the hard sell that often comes along with travel marketing.”

Check out the hilarious video below.