Fortnite Battle Royale Brings the PUBG Experience to Consoles & PC for Free

If you’ve not yet heard of Fortnite Battle Royale, it’s best described as a more lighthearted take on the incredibly popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. 100 players drop onto an island, where they scavenge for weapons and other resources, ultimately trying to survive until they are the last man standing.

There’s two significant differences between Fortnite BR and PUBG, however, and these are: 1. Fortnite BR is free to play, whereas PUBG costs $29.99, and 2. Fortnite BR is available on consoles, as well as PC.

If you’re tired of waiting for the PUBG Xbox One release, or are still waiting impatiently for news on a PS4 version, perhaps Fortnite BR will help scratch that itch in the meantime. As for PC users, if you aren’t yet ready to invest $30 into an early access game, Fortnite BR is free and involves no risk.

Fortnite Battle Royale 2

Another unique feature of Fortnite BR is the building mechanic. You can physically alter the world by chopping away with your pickaxe, and then build something new, like a fortress or a bridge. This adds another dimension to the game, and can be used to help win the round.

To download Fortnite, console users can head on over to their respective platform’s store, while PC players will need to head on over to the Epic Games website.

If you’re in need of some more convincing, check out the gameplay trailer below.