Ranking The 24 Greatest Movies About Aliens Ever

Photo: Buena Vista Pictures

For as long as as people have been around we have been fascinated by what exactly is in the skies. And I’m obviously not talking about planes or birds, I’m talking about the possibility of aliens. And that is why aliens fill up our pop culture: from books, to TV shows to movies, aliens are everywhere. Hell, a little unknown city in New Mexico was put on the map thanks to an “alien crashing” you may have heard of. So taking all these into consideration we thought we would go the extra mile and rank the greatest movies about aliens. Not an easy task, folks. Not at all.

At only 24 movies, we had to choose only the best, so sorry 1951’s The Day the Earth Stood Still, you didn’t make the cut. Also, Our apologies to 1988’s Mac and Me. Well, that was a horrible movie, that’s why it didn’t make the list. But that movie does have the most hilarious scene ever filmed.

So take a look at our ranking below. From Independence Day to Signs to Contact and others, these are the 24 greatest movies about aliens ever.

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