YouTube Video Pinpoints Exactly When ‘The Simpsons’ Lost Its Way

Photo: Frinkiac

Surely, there are those of you out there who consider yourselves documentary buffs. You’ve probably seen all that Netflix, Hulu and various other streaming services have to offer, and are still itching for more.

Luckily, Super Eyepatch Wolf recently released a video titled “The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened.” While not a documentary per se, it aggregates the opinions of The Simpsons aficionados from across the interwebs and organizes them all in a way that makes perfect sense to those who have kept up with the show for as long as they could. Of course, no documentary-style film would be complete without facts to back its claims, so this one is also packed with data involving both the Nielsen ratings over the years and IMDb episode scores throughout all seasons.

The Simpsons Lost Its Way And This Video Pinpoints Exactly When

Yes, the video runs a bit long (roughly 30 minutes), but true fans of the show, especially those who have never quite been able to pinpoint when it changed, will revel in every reference. And while you’d think a video such as this would skew negative, it’s quite the contrary. In fact, it praises the show on numerous occasions, painting it more as a product of its time — the ’90s — above all else. A show spoofing the television landscape when it debuted nearly 30 years ago was sure to lose its luster as TV changed, and that’s precisely the picture that is painted here — albeit in more detail.

So what’s your take? Was Season 9’s “The Principal and the Pauper” truly the beginning of the end? If not, you’d better have yourself a pretty convincing counterargument.

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