Twitch Streamer ‘BikeMan’ Has Heart Attack Live On Air

Photo: Twitter / @BikeManStream

Twitch’s ‘BikeMan‘ unwittingly livestreamed his own heart attack, with the gaming streamer telling his viewers that he was experiencing a sharp pain in his wrist before being taken to hospital.

BikeMan, who has over 200,000 followers on Twitch, was playing the popular action RPG Path of Exile when he complained about feeling a pain in his arm. “I’m feeling really shitty, so I’m gonna end the stream,” he told his viewers. “My f***ing wrist… I took an aspirin for my wrist but it’s not kicking in fast enough, I’m gonna go take a shower. I can’t stream and be social when I’m in discomfort.”

Watch the clip of the stream below:

BikeMan later revealed that he had concluded the stream and travelled to hospital, where he learned that the pain was related to his heart. “Glad I ended in early. Wrists/arm pain was heart issue. In emergency room stabilized now,” he tweeted.

After receiving a cardiac stent, BikeMan discovered that the issue was more serious than he had previously believed. “Minor heart attack confirmed. Stable now,” he continued. “They are investigating valves and what not. Cardiac catheter later. Sleep now.”

The streamer later added that he would have to receive open heart surgery, and that he would be out of action for 5 weeks while recovering. “For those that saw the clip. Yes the aspirin saved my life for the hospital trip. 4 chewable aspirin. Keep them around,” he concluded.

BikeMan later told his fans that the surgery, which took place early Wednesday morning, had been successful. It’s unclear when he’ll return to streaming, though fans have been sending their support to him across social media as he recovers.