The Dream Team’s Sneakers From 1992 Are Still Great

Every basketball fan who grew up in the 90s could name off the entire 12-man roster of the ‘Dream Team,’ the 1992 USA men’s basketball team, otherwise known as the greatest team ever assembled. But did you know every sneaker they wore?

That team took gold in Barcelona 25 years ago this week. To honor their greatness, Twitter user and sports writer Brandon Hunter decided to point out each player’s sneaks they wore while they dominated the world. It’s genius. And it’s so 90s.

He first took a look at MJ, of course, showing off his ‘Olympic 7s’.

Classic Olympics

Even point guard John Stockton had some sweet kicks, the ‘Nike Air Ballistic Force.’

Classic Olympics

Kind of makes you want to point and say ‘WHAT ARE THOSE?!’

No, but seriously, they’re all sweet though, right?

Have a gander.

Everything comes back into style 25-30 years later. We’re glad sneakers like these are part of that trend.

Now we’re just waiting for these shorts to re-appear.

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports. 

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