Perfect Gifts for Music Lovers

Photo: Hero Images (Getty Images)

Some of the best people in the world are those who love music. However, loving music doesn’t mean just playing something to break the silence or soothe a worried mind. People who love music attentively listen to every note and every word, finding life’s beauty somewhere in between. When you buy gifts for music lovers like this, you need to think creatively and find something that will reinforce their bonds with music. Here is our list of things you should consider while shopping for that perfect gift.

Instrument Gadgets

If your music-loving friend is a musician, an obvious choice would be to buy him an instrument. However, that would be a completely wrong move for a number of reasons. First off, unless your friend is an enthusiastic trianglist, instruments tend to cost quite a lot and even if you had the money, you probably wouldn’t know which model to buy exactly. What you can do, however, is buy some of the gadgets that go along with the instrument and make a musician’s life much easier. For example, when it comes to guitarists (everyone wants to be a guitarist nowadays), you can buy a capo, which raises the pitch of the notes, or a clip-on tuner that makes sure the guitar is in tune throughout the song. You will easily find something useful in the music shop.


For those people that aren’t actually musicians, you need to think about some quality speakers or, preferably headphones. People nowadays don’t have the time or patience to sit and listen to a song from a massive, high-quality speaker, which is why headphones are a much more popular choice. Of course, some of the headphones you can buy today can easily rival huge music systems when it comes to sound quality and the price. Some of the best headphones on the web like Bose’s QuietComfort can cost up to $350. The quality you’ll get fits the price, but you really need to think how generous of a friend you’re going to be. If you do some research, you can also find a bit more affordable good headphones that any music lover will adore.


While the digital sounds may be cleaner and clearer, every true music lover will tell you that nothing beats a sound of an original vinyl record. There is something in that contact between the needle and vinyl that brings the music to life and seems genuine. This means that you need to buy a couple of original records as well as a turntable if he doesn’t already have one. Fortunately for you, there are some rather affordable ones on the web like the Orbit Basic which is just under $180. You need to be careful when purchasing these, though, because a bad turntable can actually damage your records and cause havoc. As for the records, try your luck at those garage sales as they actually could hold some musical gems that people just need to get rid of.


Finally, you can opt for a book or two as they are great, inexpensive gifts that are beneficial in many ways. Your best choice is a biography of their favorite musician or a band. Knowing some facts about a musician can really affect how you perceive his songs and uncover various layers of meaning. Besides, listening to someone’s music is quite a personal act, regardless of what it looks like. A good musician gives a part of himself with every song so that you get a feeling that you know him, in a way. A cool biography only amplifies that feeling. For example, the book Scar Tissue written by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, gives you insight into his troublesome life and offers background on some of their most popular songs. Or, you could pick up some of David Bowie’s many biographies and see what life this many-faced legend actually led.

All of these are basically perfect gifts for music lovers, you just need to take a pick. Let us know what your perfect gift is.