Animatronic Abe Lincoln Would Be Awesome If It Weren’t So Damn Creepy

Photo: Frinkiac

Freaky robots and killer clowns are about the two biggest fears most people share right behind spiders or snakes. That’s a totally made up fact, but it sounded believable, so we went with it. But robots — or humanoid robots as they are sometimes creepily referred to — wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of the list if it weren’t for the latest innovation from Garner Holt Productions.

Animatronic Abe Lincoln Is Super Creepy

If the video below of an animatronic Abe Lincoln looks familiar, that’s because GHP has been responsible for all the animatronic builds for Walt Disney Imagineering for the past several years. As you can see, we’re still a long way from the perfect Honest Abe sculpt. You may disagree with us and say that Robo-Abe is actually pretty on-point, but we’d venture to guess that your nightmares this evening will say otherwise.

For those of you who find nothing frightening about Lincoln-borg and actually want to know more about the technology that will one day conquer and enslave us all, here’s what founder and president Garner Holt had to say about GHP’s latest and greatest:

This is a figure we’ve been developing — the one at our open house is actually the “phase II” version of the concept — and the reaction was absolutely stunning (it was overwhelmingly positive at Comic-Con, too, where we showed a short video clip of the head in development). The Lincoln bust is part of GHP’s Expressive Head Project, where we’ve endeavored to add realistic facial expression to animatronics in order to add an extra dimension of lifelike movement (a subtle way of saying, “We crammed more than 40 unique motions into this animatronic head!”)

That’s all well and good, but can he crush a beer can on his head? Breakdown!

h/t Pee-wee’s blog

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