‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Dan Harmon to Produce New eSports Comedy Starring Game Grumps

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon is set to produce a new YouTube Red comedy series based upon the world of eSports, with it also starring members of the popular YouTube gaming show Game Grumps.

Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, who create videos for the Game Grumps YouTube channel, will star in Good Game, an upcoming comedy exclusive to Google’s YouTube Red service. The official synopsis for the new show is as follows:

“In this YouTube Red Original Series, an eternal optimist (Dan Avidan) and a miserable slacker (Arin Hanson) recruit a team of misfits to take on the esports establishment by competing for a spot in the biggest KILLCORE tournament of the year— BLOOD MATCH.”

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Harmon is the executive producer of the series, with YouTube and eSports personalities Jesse Cox and Michelle Morrow the development of the show. Terry Crews will also star as an overenthusiastic “shoutcaster,” the eSports equivalent of a sports commentator.


Game Grumps have a huge audience of 3.9 million subscribers, so Good Game has a high chance of being a success. However, comedy series based upon video games typically struggle critically, though Harmon attaching his name to this popular project will certainly grant it some additional credibility.

You can watch the trailer for the show below: