Cooking With Human Poop Charcoal Is Now A Thing In Parts Of Kenya

Close-Up Of Burning Coal On Metal Grill. Photo: Mathias Genterczewsky / EyeEm (Getty).

Everyone who’s ever grilled has what they consider to be the best way to barbecue. Some say gas is the best, while others point to charcoal as the better option. It’s a debate that’ll likely continue for generations and generations.

Based on what’s happening out in Kenya, the charcoal side might have just gained some steam in the argument in the most unexpected way possible. What they’re doing is quite literally the shit.

Human Poop Is Now Being Used As Charcoal In Parts Of Kenya

According to a video published by the New York Post, human feces is being converted into charcoal, and the results are positive both for the community and environment.

As it turns out, human crap has a lot more advantages than just clearing a room. Feces has shown to burn longer than firewood or your typical bag of charcoal. It also apparently creates less smoke and — surprise, surprise — has NO SMELL. Bet you didn’t see that coming, huh?

Sadly, only 27 percent of people in Nakaru, Kenya have access to sewer systems. It’s a problem that is being flipped into opportunity because the sludge from the area is being collected and transformed into charcoal briquettes. The process includes drying out the poop, heating it, then mixing it with molasses and sawdust for binding.

As a result of all this, charcoal poop has turned into cash-money. Roughly one kilo of briquettes is worth 50 cents. Based on projected goals, they hope to produce ten tons a month by the end of 2017, eventually moving to ten tons a day when they have the right equipment. This translates to $4,500 per ten tons, a good amount of money for the largely poor villagers in the area.

So as you can see, human crap isn’t so bad after all. Remember that the next time you blow up the bathroom.

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