Golden State Warriors: Records In the NBA

Photo:  Bryan Steffy(Getty Images)

Golden State Warriors are truly in their golden era, they are coasting to a third consecutive NBA final, and if no significant injuries happen the Dub Nation will celebrate another ultimate success. Warriors seem like an unbeatable dynasty at the moment, and they’ve done it completely out of the blue with some amazing draft picks. But not in any shape or form are they a plastic or an instant franchise, Golden State Warriors have a proud history in the NBA, immortalized by franchise records and eternal goals set by their players.

Golden State Warriors In-Franchise Records

We take a look at the Golden State Warriors franchise leaders in the most important categories. Despite the dominating performances and long stature in the franchise of Steph Curry, Kley Thompson, and Draymond Green, most of these records are set by former players.

Games Played – Chris Mullin (807)

Points – Wilt Chamberlain (17,783)

Rebounds – Nate Thurmond (12,771)

Assists – Guy Rodgers (4,855)

Steals – Chris Mullin (1,360)

Blocks – Adonal Foyle (1,140)

Field Goals – Wilt Chamberlain (7,216)

Field Goal Percentage – Andris Biedrins (.595)

3-Point Field Goals – Stephen Curry (1,917)

3-Point Field Goal Percentage – Anthony Morrow (.460)

Free Throws – Paul Arizin (5,010)

Free Throw Percentage – Stephen Curry (.902)

Points Per Game – Wilt Chamberlain (41.5)

Rebounds Per Game – Wilt Chamberlain (25.1)

Assists Per Game – Tim Hardaway (9.3)

Steals Per Game – Rick Barry (2.3)

Blocks Per Game – Manute Bol (3.7)

Of course, Wilt Chamberlain’s success came when the franchise was called Philadelphia Warriors (1946–1962) and San Francisco Warriors (1962–1971).

Steph Curry is the closest to reaching him in a few categories, Steph has played in 574 regular season games during his career so he’s a few seasons out from beating Chamberlain there, and even closer to overcoming him in total points scored as he already has 13,088. He scores around 2,000 points per season, so maybe even in two years time, we can see the change.

Assists record is also in reach of Steph as he already has 3,917 of them, getting more than 500 in the last two seasons, so he could also surpass Guy Rodgers in two seasons. Steph can also become the biggest thief in franchise history as he already has 1,028 of steals. He wants to make all of these records old.

Besides 3-Point Field Goal Percentage, all other Golden State Warriors individual records seem safe for now.


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