Ex-WWE Star Ryback Bashed After Whining WWE Divas ‘Aren’t Sexy Enough’

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Remember Ryback? He’s a former WWE star who was pretty much completely useless. The dude was pretty empty upstairs and all he did was scream “Feed Me More” over and over again. The guy had the personality of a potted plant.

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The 35-year-old is now back on everyone’s radar for the time being after making some controversial comments on his podcast that apparently some people listen to. Ryback said that female wrestlers such as Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair need to  “play up their sexiness” and then added that they cannot wrestle as well as the men. Ryback even goes on to say that these ladies need to “shake their ass” to become popular with the fans.

“This is what I’ve always said the women are lacking today is playing up to their sexiness,” Ryback says on his show Conversation with the Big Guy. Whatever in the hell that is.

“The women – they did a bodyslam and whatever and they got on the rope and shaking their ass – if a girl did that today, she would be the most popular diva on the roster. That’s why I always liked Melina doing the splits. This is what makes women different than men because the women can do all of the moves – not as good as the guys.”

And remember, this is the same guy who couldn’t hack it in the WWE and was given the boot, while those women he talks about are still working there and reeling in millions.

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People on Twitter of course bashed him calling him everything from a “sexist” to a “f***ing idiot,” with one person saying “some female superstars can do moves better then the male’s can.”

Our two cents? Ryback has always been a poor man’s version of Goldberg. Oh, and not very bright. And if you ask us, those female wrestlers are sexy enough.

Let’s take a look.

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