Exclusive Premiere | Fjokra Make You Want to ‘Bang on the Door’ All Day

Fjokra are one of those bands that are hard to classify, yet easy to embrace. The Emerald Isle group make ear-catching music for the ADD generation. Call it prog pop or big band beat, the Irish quintet, led by frontman Fi, cut and paste genres into a unique sound that walks the thin line between insanity and ingenious.

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Crave is exclusively premiering Fjokra’s new music video for their latest single “Bang on the Door” (Yellowbrick Music). The fun in the sun “Bang on the Door” video was shot in Portugal, while the track sounds like Bizarro Die Antwoord with Fjokra’s trademark guy/gal vocal sparring, random food references, an accordion solo, and a didgeridoo. 

Here’s what Fjokra had to say about making the “Bang On The Door” music video, “Myself (Fi) and Annie Bea had this concept for a music video for close on two years. We knew the kind of imagery and characters that we wanted to feature but didn’t have the right location. We had a potential location in the Welsh Valleys, we even considered our own back garden!  When the opportunity arose to shoot it in The Algarve, it was a no-brainer. Mansions, swimming pools and abandoned reservoirs made for the perfect backdrop to Bang On The Door”.    

For more info and music from Fjokra go (HERE).


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