Big Sean Top 10 Songs Ranked

Photo: Scott Dudelson(Getty Images)

In the years during which mumble rap is a sovereign ruler of the mainstream hip hop, it’s a breath of much-needed air when an artist manages to break out and stay up with old school rap, also the exact thing that Big Sean brought to the scene. And unlike the most rappers that keep doing it old school, Sean accomplishes to have both style and substance. Although, there is a high variety in his 10-year-long career and there are some pure club tracks in this top 10 songs list. But also a lot of deep, meaningful, inspirational tracks.

10. Jessie J – WILD ft. Big Sean, Dizzee Rascal

The only track on the list on which Big Sean is a featured artist and also a straight mainstream pop song, but an underappreciated one as it has a killer beat and the two rapper features aren’t just cash and exposure grabs. Both Big Shawn and the English rapper Dizzee Rascal offer a different, but complimentary delivery with Jessie J’s powerful singing tying the track together.

9. Big Sean – Dance (A$$) Remix ft. Nicki Minaj

The society, or at least the rap music industry, has become obsessed with asses, and almost every musician in the genre has a song about it. So whether you enjoy it or find it somewhat repulsive, there’s no denying that Big Sean nailed the little sub-genre with this track. An homage to MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This, Nicki Minaj’s verse, and a strong comedic vibe make this song one of the best chilling tracks of Big Sean’s career.

8. Big Sean – Nothing Is Stopping You

The track which tells the story of Big Sean’s rise to success and also one that showcases what he’s all about better than the two previous tracks. It’s the deep, hazy, enthralling beat that makes the track unforgettable, and the Kanye West-like piano instrumental is a great ground for Sean’s inspirational verses. Truly an underheard song and surprisingly so as it is fitted for listening in almost all occasions and has a really positive message that seems genuine.

7. Big Sean – Moves

It’s all about the bars with this track. Yes, the song has a very entertaining music video, an undiscovered gif mine, but it’s the pure rapping of Big Sean with his signature flow that makes the track stand out. The beat takes a seat back and allows all the spotlight to be on the message, and despite that, the track could make a ruckus in the club due to the strength of Big Sean’s voice and the haziness of the instrumental.

6. Big Sean – No More Interviews

A track that most of Big Sean’s colleagues will appreciate as it mainly deals with the relationship rappers have with reporters or fans, but that doesn’t mean that the broader audience won’t enjoy it as well. Song has other motives and is also mainly about deep, sincere, real bars most reminiscing the older rap of the East Coast. Another interesting, serene beat that makes the rapper glide all over it.


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