An Aussie Band Made A ‘Round The Twist’-Inspired Game For You To Waste Your Day On

Perth punk rockers Furniture have given you a very good reason to cancel the rest of your day with their new ‘Round The Twist‘-inspired game.

As Kotaku reports, the 2D game is based off one of their songs called ‘Pete’s Song’, which is also inspired by protagonist Pete Twist from the classic Aussie TV show. Specifically, the band were inspired by a scene where Pete meets an old rainmaker and a leprechaun, and they have to make someone believe they are real for it to rain.

The game, created by the band’s guitarist Aaran Gicquel, follows a very similar storyline, featuring the leprechaun, some rain clouds and the iconic lighthouse from the show.

It’s aptly titled Derek’s Gonna Make It Rain and the aim of it, according to a press release, is to control, “Derek as he dodges debris from storm clouds, bumping into his cloud-destroying, coin-creating Leprechaun friend.”

You can play the game here, but we warn you that it’s likely you’ll binge on it for longer than you can afford to.

You can also listen to the song that inspired it, below.