Mahershala Ali May Star in ‘True Detective’ Season 3

By any measure, 2016 was a breakthrough year for Mahershala Ali. In addition to playing one of the leading roles on Marvel’s Luke Cage, Ali had a very memorable turn in Moonlight that won him the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Now, Ali may be heading back to television for the new season of True Detective. But the news is not quite as definitive as you may have hoped.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ali is in talks to play the lead in True Detective season 3…if there is a third season. It’s far from a done deal, although HBO appears to be very interested in making it happen. There is a real question as to whether True Detective can or should return. The first season was critically acclaimed and instantly embraced by fans. However, the second season was not well-received, and the show has been on hold while series creator Nic Pizzolatto worked out his next move.

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The most recent word from HBO was that Deadwood creator David Milch was in negotiations to write and produce the third season of True Detective in collaboration with Pizzolatto. But it’s not clear if that deal went through. There is also the question of who would star in the series, since the cast changes with each season. If Ali is being pursued for the lead, who should be his partner?

Ali has an impressive lineup of TV credits, including House of Cards and The 4400. A return to television makes sense for, especially since he will be looking to establish himself as a leading man. If it comes together, True Detective could be the ideal vehicle for Ali. But only if the series can recapture its creative heights from the first season.

There is currently no firm  timetable for True Detective to go forward.

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Photo Credit: Netflix/Marvel TV