Lingerie Football League Fight Leads To KO To The Face

Falling into the category of “how is this ‘league’ still a thing,” you can give credit to the Lingerie Football League for their marketing efforts. If there is a fight, any fight, you put it on YouTube. But especially if it includes a knock-out blow.

The Pittsburgh Rebellion defeated the Omaha Heart for the first time ever last weekend. In route to the win was this TD below, given up by the Heart’s Amanda Hogan. Following the score, a gang of  lingerie-clad Pittsburgh footballers trounced over to “bark” in Hogan’s face. Injured running back Sonia Osselborn decided to physically push Hogan while in her face.

This is what Osselborn got in return.

My question is whether or not these girls got penalized? Suspended? Is it like hockey where there’s a penalty box and fights are encouraged?

I’ve already thought way too much about this …

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.