Wife Of WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt Accuses Him Of Cheating With Hot Ring Announcer

Photo: Instagram/Bray Wyatt

Oh, Bray.

If you’re a fan of the WWE then you are probably quite aware of who Bray Wyatt is as he’s one of the popular superstars in the sport today. But while things might be going well for him in the ring, things outside of the ring just got worse for the 30-year-old.

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It appears that Samantha Rotunda, the wife of Bray, has filed for a divorce claiming that her husband cheated on her with Jojo Offerman, a 23-year-old ring announcer in the WWE. Whoops. Samantha filed for divorce documents in Florida, but Bray has filed for an injunction which would prevent his soon to be ex-wife to continue her “effort to ruin his reputation.” Well, that’s kind of on you, Bray.

But Samantha had more to say, as she says that Bray’s “deceitful allegations and defamatory statements are decidedly an attempt to pull the wool over the public’s eyes when his antics and affairs become more public,” court documents say. Burn.

Well, we will see how this turns out. For now, let’s see who Bray was shacking up with.

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