Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Finally Here and it’s Rated R

After 15 long years, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was finally confirmed at E3 2017. While fans of the original game have been impatiently awaiting its sequel for over a decade, no one was quite prepared for it making an appearance during Ubisoft’s press conference today, nor were they anticipating the makeover it’s received in that time.

The original Beyond Good and Evil was certainly appealing to adult audiences, but it only featured mild bad language and nothing that would make parents keep it out of reach of their children. However, the main talking point from the Beyond Good and Evil 2 announcement was the mature overhaul the series has received, with its character dropping multiple f-bombs and its monkey protagonist even throwing in a “motherf***er” at some point.

This rated R language certainly isn’t congruous with the first game, a third-person action adventure that was relatively fun for the whole family. Now we have a grotesque pig (unfortunately not Pey’j) surrounded by scantily clad women and a whole heap of curse words.

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While we’re definitely excited that we’re finally getting Beyond Good and Evil 2, and its debut trailer is at least an interesting take on the old series, those who were hoping it would continue the story of Jade and Pey’j will be disappointed to learn that it’s a prequel. While it may feature younger versions of the characters who appeared in the 2003 game, it won’t continue the story of its predecessor, and considering that fans have waited 15 years to find out what happened to Jade and Pey’j after the events of the first game this is a bit of a bummer.

We’re still not sure about the potty-mouthed direction of the game, but considering that the first entry in the series failed to set the sales chart alight, it might be a good idea that Ubisoft is looking to directly appeal to an adult audience. There’s no confirmed release date, so looks like we’ll be waiting a little while longer to get our hands on it, but at least it’s definitely in Ubisoft’s pipeline.

Watch the debut trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 below:

You can also watch the trailer breakdown with Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel below: