Reporter Agrees To Get Beaten Up By MMA Fighters Because Journalism

Journalism is important, maybe more today than ever before. It’s the trade that seeks the truth in matters of importance, and provides information to those who seek knowledge in current affairs.

Over the years, journalists have reported on stories that revealed earth-shattering scandals and made sure those in powerful positions are kept honest. Then there are times journalists just ask for an ass-beating from MMA fighters because why the hell not?

Reporter Agrees To Spar MMA Fighters

A reporter from Globo TV down in Brazil was on assignment to visit a gym full of MMA fighters. One of those fighters, Jose Aldo, is the UFC featherweight champion. For whatever reason, the reporter decided to throw on some gloves and spar with Jose and his team, which we can only assume he immediately regretted based on the following video.

Thank goodness for subtitles (unless you speak Portuguese).

As someone who’s trained with MMA fighters in the past, I can tell you that sometimes things get out of hand. A light sparring session can go from zero to 100 real quick. If you’re like this reporter and agree to go at 100 percent without having a good amount of experience, you pretty much just signed your life away and are OK with being a punch-drunk vegetable for your remaining years.

But, if it’s done in an effort to report the facts as a journalist, props to you. There’s nothing more important than the facts, and the fact is Jose Aldo and his buddies will kick your ass. Now you know.

h/t MiddleEasy

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