10 Best Drake Songs Ranked

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage (Getty Images)

With four studio albums, one extended play, four mixtapes, 77 singles and one playlist, it’s safe to say that Drake is one of the most industrious artists ever since he’s only 30. Therefore going through all Drake songs and ranking the 10 best was a demanding task, yet a pleasurable one. Drizzy’s first studio album was Thank Me Later (2010), followed by Take Care (2011), Nothing Was the Same (2013), and Views (2016). Yet his commercial mixtapes If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015), What a Time to Be Alive (with Future) (2015) and extended play So Far Gone (2009) were all big success and produced many Drake top songs.

Songs by Drake are all quite emotional, just depends on which end of the scale, the romantic or the angry one, yet that’s what the main appeal of the Canadian artist is – he’s real and relatable. Also, the memes.

Drake Best Songs

10. Headlines (Take Care)

A classic Drake song, one that gave a preview of the heights the emotional rapper will ascend to. Headlines delivers on a top 3 level beat when it comes to Drake songs, seeing how the simplistic escalating instrumental carries Drake’s flow and lifts up the listener’s energy. Its worth is proven by the space it’s given to it alone at the end of the song. As a second single from Take Care Headlines reached the platinum status for selling 1,000,000 copies in the United States!

9. Trophies – Young Money ft. Drake ( Young Money: Rise of an Empire)

The loudest, wildest of the Drake tracks, yet the most anthem-like of them all too, thanks to the triumphal trumpet instrumental, making anyone who listens to it feel like an elite athlete on a victory parade. Arguably more of a Young Money song than a Drake one as he truly kills the beat, yet Drizzy delivers on the chorus and his parts perfectly as well, and it was planned for release on his third album Nothing Was the Same.

8. Energy (If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late)

Perhaps the purest rap Drake song as the Canadian performer spits pure fire on an almost acapella beat that surfaces only occasionally and only to emphasize a point perfectly. A very modern-sounding main sample gives the track the authenticity it needs, contrasting the very old-school rapping of the angry Drake. Additionally, Drake gave his homage to the legends by sampling Eazy-E’s Eazy-Duz-It.

7. Both – Gucci Mane ft. Drake (The Return Of East Atlanta Santa)

Drake is the undeniable king of the features, improving the artists he works with and also sometimes “hijacking” the song. That’s the case with Both even though Gucci Mane is on point throughout it, as it’s the brilliant chorus that stays in the mind of the listener. The thing that makes Drake love songs so great is that they don’t depict the Hollywood version of romance, but the gritty, real, relatable one. Knowing that millionaire playboy rappers also text their exes drunk is a nice boost to one’s confidence.

6. Enough Said – Aaliyah ft. Drake

Originally recorded before Aaliyah’s plane crash death in 2001, Drake later finished the track with the producer Noah “40” Shebib and it was released on Soundcloud in 2012. Aaliyah’s vocals are hypnotic from the start and they set up the tone of this memorable soft, yet riveting R&B track. Drizzy provides the sharp contrast to the mellowness of Aaliyah giving the haunting song needed layers for it to be on the level the late legendary singer deserves.