Two Idiots Climbed The Golden Gate Bridge And Of Course Filmed It All

Photo: YouTube

Remember the days when if teens were bored they would just meet up and go to the movies or hang out at the mall? Well, those days are far gone because now they are putting their lives at risk simply for a few clicks and some internet fame.

Meet Wisconsin teens Peter Teatime and Tommy Rector. These two fools were somehow able to climb to the top of the 746-foot Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Why did they do this? No clue. But they filmed it all so that everyone can see how much they care about their own safety.

Check out the footage below. And if you’re scared of heights this may turn your stomach.

And guess what? Authorities had no idea these two guys got pass security until their video went viral. Denis Mulligan, the general manager of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, said that what these teens did was “reckless” and they could have done “serious harm” to folks below if they had fallen.

“The Golden Gate Bridge is not an amusement park ride,” Mulligan adds.

It seems like Teatime and Rector were able to escape being detected because the motion sensors and cameras were not targeting where they were, according to Mulligan. And now an investigation that includes Homeland Security is ongoing.

Nice going, fellas.

h/t Huffington Post

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