New Music | John Williams’ Raiders of the Lost Ark on Vinyl is a Treasure

Photo: Sunset Boulevard (Getty Images)

The fifth installment of Indiana Jones won’t hit theaters until 2019 when Harrison Ford will be pushing 80 (actually 77 for those keeping score at home), but until then fans will have something to keep them happy.

Concord Music Group has announced the vinyl re-issue of John Williams‘ classic Oscar-nominated score for the legendary Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Due out June 2nd, the two-LP album will be available on 180-gram vinyl pressed at RTI (Record Technology Incorporated), and packaged in a two-pocket gatefold jacket featuring original stills and artwork from the iconic action-adventure film.

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Composed by the legendary John Williams, and nominated for both an Academy Award and GRAMMY Award, Raiders of the Lost Ark was the only score in Stephen Spielberg’s beloved series performed by the renowned London Symphony Orchestra.

The soundtrack is most notable for the instantly recognizable “Raiders March,” which came to symbolize Indiana Jones and will feature a wealth of cues not previously available on the original soundtrack LP, which was originally cut by renowned engineer Bernie Grundman, who mastered the score for its initial release in 1981.

You can preorder this special vinyl edition of Raiders of the Lost Ark on Amazon.


Raiders of the Lost Ark Track list:

A1. In The Jungle

A2. The Idol Temple

A3. Escape From The Temple

A4. Flight From Peru

A5. Washington Men / Indy’s Home

A6. A Thought For Marion / To Nepal

A7. The Medallion

A8. Flight To Cairo


B1. The Basket Game

B2. Bad Dates

B3. The Map Room: Dawn

B4. Reunion In The Tent / Searching For The Well

B5. The Well Of The Souls


C1. Indy Rides The Statue

C2. The Fist Fight / The Flying Wing

C3. Desert Chase

C4. Marion’s Theme / The Crate


D1. The German Sub

D2. Ride To The Nazi Hideout

D3. Indy Follows The Ark

D4. The Miracle Of The Ark

D5. Washington Ending / Raiders March