The New ‘It’ Trailer Invites You to Join The Losers’ Club

The best part about Stephen King’s writing isn’t his monsters, it’s his protagonists. The best-selling author has an impressive way of inviting you into his characters’ lives before the nightmare even begins, and in this new trailer for It, it appears that director Andres Muschietti has picked up that very same knack.

Only time will tell if this new adaptation of It is as good as Stephen King’s iconic 1986 novel, or even as good as the 1990 mini-series, which starred Tim Curry as the scariest clown in history. But for now the trailers have been very, very encouraging. Like the Spider-Man: Homecoming preview that was also released tonight, the It trailer slows down long enough to give you a feel for the characters, before leading to an unexpected and eery scare that made me jump and, I suspect, might just have the same effect on you.

Check out the preview and keep your eyes peeled for homicidal circus clowns. It arrives in theaters on September 8, 2017!


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