Who Are The Top 5 Chefs On Masterchef Canada?

Following a special Team Challenge and complex Pressure Test, Masterchef Canada judges Michael Bonacini, Alvin Leung, and Claudio Aprile revealed that Aaron Polsky, a director of operations from Montréal, Qué. would be the next home cook eliminated from the competition in this week’s episode. With five home cooks now remaining, Masterchef Canada returns next week on Thursday, May 4th at 9pm on CTV and CTV GO as the home cooks are tasked with emulating the judges’ favourite cooking techniques while creating unique salmon dishes.

On this week’s episode of Masterchef Canada, the home cooks faced off in their third Team Challenge of the season – a classic restaurant takeover celebrating the 30th anniversary of Chef Michael Bonacini’s iconic Auberge du Pommier, an Oliver & Bonacini restaurant. As the home cooks with the best dishes in last week’s gruelling series of Skills Tests, Aaron and Barrie were named Team Captains. Barrie, the winner of the Skills Tests, got first pick for the Red Team, and chose Trevor and Mai, while Aaron recruited Thea and Miranda to join his Blue Team. The two teams watched as Chef Michael Bonacini demonstrated the two appetizers and two entrees they would be making. The judges received feedback from their valued guests during service, and in the end decided on the winning team and which team would face the Pressure Test.

The next morning, the home cooks returned to the Masterchef Canada Kitchen to learn their fate. In the end, Barrie’s Red Team won the challenge and were sent up to the gallery by the judges while Aaron’s Blue Team donned black aprons for the Pressure Test. The three home cooks were given 45 minutes to create a Moroccan-inspired Vegetable Tajine using an array of vegetables and 28 unmarked spices. Miranda demonstrated her intuition and understanding of flavours, creating an aromatic and perfectly cooked dish that secured her safety in the competition. Thea’s choice of spices fell short, while Aaron’s decision to create his own harissa paste left his dish over-powered by clove and ultimately the weakest. In a surprise twist, the judges gave Thea the opportunity to give her spot in the Top 5 to Aaron if she felt she was not ready to move forward in the competition. When Thea affirmed her desire to stay in the competition, Aaron was sent home by the judges.

In the next all-new episode of Masterchef Canada, “Take Five” (Thursday, May 4 at 9pm), after revealing a beautiful display of whole salmon, judges Michael Bonacini, Alvin Leung, and Claudio Aprile, demonstrate their three favourite cooking techniques. The Top 5 must then use one of the techniques to create their own unique salmon dish. In the Elimination Challenge that follows, the home cooks can choose only five ingredients from the pantry to make a restaurant-quality dish, but the challenge comes with a twist.

The Top 5 home cooks vying for the title of Masterchef Canada and the $100,000 cash prize are:

Barrie McConachie, an employee relations consultant, from Vancouver, B.C.

Mai Nguyen, a health and safety advisor, from Edmonton, Alta.

Miranda Wasstrom, a corporate safety administrator, from Edmonton, Alta.

Thea VanHerwaarden, a broker, from Vancouver, B.C.

Trevor Connie, a plumber/gas fitter, from Edmonton, Alta.

Masterchef Canada airs Thursdays at 9pm on CTV, CTV GO, and on demand the following day.