Have a Listen to 12 Legendary Things We Miss Hearing

Photo: YouTube

We’ve been at this thing called life for so long we sometimes forget what we’ve left behind. Most of the legendary sounds that we miss hearing have gone from endangered to extinct in a short period of time, like the things, and we don’t even realize it.
Here’s to living in the past, ignoring the present and hoping the future looks more and more like 1984 as we go.

Have a Listen to Some Legendary Things We Miss Hearing

The NBA on NBC

The NBA used to so much more entertaining, at least until Lebron perfected The Flop.

Studio Audience

We didn’t know what emotions to feel without the studio audience, at least until we saw The Office and realized everything Michael Scott said was hilarious.


It still haunts us, at least until we remember we pay $62.99 for the high-speed with turbo package.

The Growing Pains Theme Song

Well, everything changes, especially The Growing Pains cast that is now all grown up.

The Restaurant Phone Call

I want to open a cell phone free restaurant where you check in your phone, and if you get a call, the waiter has to bend over and whisper this in your ear before you get up and leave without paying.

AOL Instant Messenger

The second one will make your heart skip, at least until your next notification.

The Soothing Sound of Morgan Freeman’s Voice Over

It would be a list of legendary sounds without the most legendary voice at its most legendary moment.


This is how long it took to get ready, at least until you discovered drugs and cell phones.

Super Mario Sound Effects

These were the sounds of success and failure, at least until your parents had to support you as an adult.

The Typewriter Bells and Whistles

Click, click, ding and zip. These were the sounds of literature and love letters, at least until the poo emoji came along.

Windows Startup

It was the most satisfying sound, at least until porn wound up on the Internet.

Hand Cranked Pencil Sharpener

Forget the fact that electric pencil sharpeners are rare. Remember when we weren’t spoiled rotten and had to crank that mother fucker for five minutes, only to wind up with a lead nub?

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