Who Is The Worst NBA Basketball Player Of All-Time?

The NBA playoffs have commenced. And you know LeBron and the Cavs will surely meet Curry and the Warriors in the NBA Finals for the third straight year. We’re witnessing a league with little parity, but yet a league with transcendent talent we haven’t seen since the Jordan era Chicago Bulls.

But with all the great play we’ve seen this year, my colleagues and I have been talking about the opposite.

While we keep watching Russ Westbrook put up a new triple-double record and James Harden compete against the Spurs, Warriors and, yes, LeBron, we’re wondering — who are the forgotten players of the NBA? Dare we ask, who are the worst players in NBA history?

And even when you do ask that question, is it even possible to quantify? Only 12-15 players make each team’s NBA roster, and there are only 30 teams. You literally have to be one of the best ballers on the planet to even make it to the NBA — or do you?

Considering a crappy player can get decent playing time on a terrible team, or even a decent player can ride the bench all season on a great team, how do you even compute who the worst players of all-time are?

Whether it’s outrageous contracts and/or blown draft picks, the easiest solution is to look at the player’s value. Below are the worst players in modern NBA history who epically under-performed said value.

In no particular order, the worst basketball players in NBA history:

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.

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