“Cold Water Cowboys'” Calvin And Kurtis Kerrivan Talk About The New Season

A new season of the hot Discovery show Cold Water Cowboys premieres Tuesday, April 18th, and Calvin and Kurtis Kerrivan, as well as the other fishermen, are gearing up for another crazy, dangerous season. The Kerrivans sat down for a quick interview to let Creave readers in on the upcoming season.

Crave: What can viewers expect this season?

Calvin and Kurtis Kerrivan: A little bit of excitement as well as dangerous stuff that happens. It’s a great season!

The press release says this is the most challenging and dangerous season yet – how come?

Well this year we have to push things a little further to catch our quota.

What was your reaction when you were approached about doing the show?

We were pretty interested in doing it. It’s a new opportunity to show part of our Newfoundland heritage and the species that we fish. We’re pretty excited about it. But we’re a bit nervous too (laughs).

Do you get used to having the crews around?

Yes, wee get used to it as time goes by. At first it was a bit awkward but they stayed out of our way and let us do our thing.

Did you bond with the crew members from Discovery?

Oh yeah. They are all really nice guys and we never had a problem. When everything was over everybody sat down and chatted.

Would you want to be on the show again?

We’d do it again – that’s not a problem!