Exclusive Preview | ‘The Power of the Dark Crystal’ # 2

Jim Henson’s cult classic, The Dark Crystal had a sequel in development for many years. And while that film never came to pass, Archaia is adapting the script as a twelve-issue event miniseries: The Power of The Dark Crystal.

Many decades have passed since the heroes of the first film, Jen and Kira, succeeded in their quest. But their time in power has left them colder than before and almost indifferent to the plight of their people. There is a sickness in the land, and young Fireling named Thurma has a rather extreme solution. She wants the Dark Crystal to once again be shattered even though it may mean the rebirth of the Skeksis as well.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from The Power of The Dark Crystal # 2, Thurma refuses to be intimidated as she makes her pronouncement and demonstrates her powers. But it may be the kindness of Kensho that turns the tide, as Jen and Kira decide whether they should truly listen to what Thurma and Kensho have to say.

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This issue was written by Simon Spurrier, with art by Kelly and Nichole Matthews, who also drew the main cover. Sana Takeda provided the subscription cover. Here’s the official description from Archaia:

While Thurma’s arrival creates chaos at the Crystal Castle, Aughra tries to get a glimpse of what the future may hold for the Fireling and Kensho, and discovers a familiar darkness on the horizon: Skeksis!

The Power of The Dark Crystal # 2 will be released on Wednesday, April 19 in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Archaia.