10 Dumbest Pics Of UNC Winning National Championship

North Carolina defeated Gonzaga Monday night 71-65 to capture their sixth national title, their third under head coach Roy Williams.

Not only was it an incredibly ugly game, but it was yet another injustice under Williams’ program.

UNC was busted back in 2014 for an incredible amount of academic fraud that allegedly took place for years, even back in 2005 when UNC beat Illinois for the national title.

There were fake majors, fake classes, even former players who came out and admitted the fraud. Most teams would get banned from the NCAA tournament for several years. What did the NCAA do to UNC? Nothing.

Just read this.

In lieu of all the un-punished fraud — and now, yet another championship — at UNC, below are just 10 more dumb pictures of the team celebrating their latest …


Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.

Photos: Getty