10 Musicians and Bands We Wish Would Just Stop Touring Already, Dammit

Photo:Paul Kane (Getty)

Now we know what you’re all thinking: Why are they picking on the old guys just trying to enjoy themselves before they meet their disgraced maker? That’s not what we’re doing. In fact, we fully support old musicians touring, be it Neil Young, Crosby, Sir Paul or any other rock ‘n roll genius who can still stand on both legs (or Dave Grohl, who sometimes performs on one with a broken leg).

We’re talking about the musicians who have gone so far past their prime they can scarcely remember the good old days, if there ever were any. How folks like Neil Diamond still sell out venues, or how Smash Mouth still gets on the bill after that bread-tossing incident is beyond our understanding of the rock ‘n roll universe. But one secret remains buried: When will these musicians stop touring already? What exactly are they waiting for, because we’re sick of seeing Garth Brooks pop up in all the wrong spots.

Have a look at all the musicians we wish would just stop touring already, then decide if we’re right, or perhaps we’ve grown so old and bitter in our own age that we now turn to picking on the elderly, tone deaf and talentless schmucks of the rock kingdom.

10 Musicians and Bands We Wish Would Just Stop Touring Already, Dammit

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