Glorious Iman Shumpert’s Hair Throughout The Years

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If you don’t think that this NBA season is exciting enough as nothing surprising can happen since the Golden State Warriors are too strong even for the Cleveland Cavaliers, then you’re not looking at Iman Shumpert. And while he’s an explosive, exciting player, very important for the Cavs, we’re not talking about that. You might not know that Iman Shumpert hair is an entity of its own in the world of basketball, and rightfully so as it is glorious as it is transformable, but we’ll lead you on the right path. Honestly, we could’ve done a series on his haircuts as there are so many he’s done, more than I ever thought was possible for human beings.

Shump is mostly known for the extreme hightop fade, but he has haircuts for weeks. It’s pretty fortunate for Shumpert that he is an NBA star, as you can’t be rocking most of his hairstyles as a bank manager or a used car salesman.

Iman Shumpert Hair In All It’s Glory
Iman Shumpert Hair - Coolio style

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Shump’s walking through the valley of the shadow of death with this haircut. A modern shoutout to Coolio who will forever claim ownership over this type of haircut. Maybe one day Shump is going to commit to one style and hold it as his own forever, or maybe that’s already the case with the hightop fade as it is even his official logo. Sometimes we appreciate his haircuts even more because they distract us from his questionable fashion sense, on the level with Russell Westbrook’s at moments.
Iman Shumpert's hair

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Iman is getting ready to take his wife, the stunning Teanna Taylor, and their kid to Disneyland, so he’s pulling off an homage to the host family. No, Walt Disney didn’t have this haircut, it’s his… children we’re talking about. 
Iman Shumpert hairstyle

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This style looks like he’s growing a little version of his haircut on his chin upside down, making his head a hair palindrome of some kind.
Iman Shumpert Haircut

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer(Getty Images)

Halfway into the article and I’m still amazed at how many hairstyles this guy can pull off, on the other hand, I’ve had three haircuts since my birth. Two of which were picked by my parents when I was a kid.
Iman Shumpert Hair recently

Photo: Jason Miller(Getty Images)

Recently Shump’s has leveled his hair in style, making it more difficult to be found and recognized on the court, pretty selfish of him.
Iman Shumpert Hair in Cavs

Photo: Jason Miller(Getty Images)

Who lives in Iman Shumpert’s head under the sea? Shump’s favorite comedy movie stars James Franco and Seth Rogan. His hair is really refreshing in the summer. Ok… you get it.
Iman Shumpert Hair drawing

Photo: Elsa(Getty Images)

While haircut drawing is huge in soccer, it’s not as commonly used in NBA, but Shump is a pioneer in the hair world and he has experimented with a lot of symbols. He had tribal patterns, the Adidas logo, this cross and many more. Even atheists must admit that it looks kinda dope.
Iman Shumpert Hair Fail

Photo: Rommel Demano(Getty Images)

Although Shumpert usually looks on point regardless of how unusual his haircut is, this is an airball without a doubt. We give him credit for trying out something no one has done before, but even he was be aware that this didn’t look as he had hoped, since he never returned to it.
Iman Shumpert Hair Hightop Fade

Photo: Jamie Sabau(Getty Images)

You can’t expect Kristaps Porzingis to efficiently guard Shumpert as he is clearly looking at his hair here, and not the ball. Shumpert’s hair is probably a vital part of Tyronn Lue’s master scheme to win back-to-back championships. His hair is the real MVP.

Are you now a fan of Iman Shumpert’s hair like the rest of us? Which of these hairstyles do you like the most, Mickey Mouse, Coolio, or Pineapple Express? Also, post some we might’ve missed in the comments below.

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