Marvel Casts Medusa & Black Bolt For ‘Inhumans’ Series

The Inhumans are heading to ABC, and the royal family is coming with them! As the start date for Marvel’s Inhumans TV series draws near, ABC and Marvel have revealed the casting for two of the leading characters on the show.

Breakout Kings star Serinda Swan has been cast as Medusa, via a report in Entertainment Weekly. This comes on the heels of word that that Hell on Wheels star Anson Mount landed the role of Black Bolt earlier this week. Within Marvel’s comic book universe, Black Bolt and Medusa are the king and queen of the Inhumans. Medusa’s powers stem from her ever-growing and incredibly strong hair, which she can manipulate at will. Black Bolt’s ability is considerably more powerful. With just a whisper, Black Bolt’s voice can unleash devastation; which is why he is often silent by choice.

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Last month, Iwan Rheon was cast as Maximus the Mad, Black Bolt’s treacherous brother who covets both the throne, and his brother’s wife. Additional casting announcements are expected to follow soon.

For years, Inhumans was in development as a movie at Marvel Studios, but it was abruptly dropped for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. Marvel’s TV division is apparently still going to give Inhumans a shot in theaters under a unique deal with IMAX. The first two episodes will be filmed entirely with IMAX cameras and they will be edited together as an 80 minute Inhumans movie that will be released on September 1 in 1,000 IMAX screens across the country. The series will then debut on Tuesday, September 26, for an eight episode first season on ABC.

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics